Julianne Glass is an LA-based musician who is redefining glam-rock and pop by creating songs that effortlessly blend upbeat and energizing pop-sounds with a nostalgic 80s pulse. The 22-year-old has been singing and playing piano since she was in diapers, and has been songwriting for over ten years. At the age of fourteen, tragedy struck when Julianne lost both her father and sister. During her grieving process, Julianne turned to songwriting as a coping mechanism, using the losses she experienced as a tool of inspiration to write from the heart.

While studying songwriting at Berklee College of Music, Julianne was offered a publishing deal from Alan Melina, David Bowie’s former agent and Lady Gaga’s former manager. Since signing, Julianne’s style of writing has evolved into glam inspired pop-rock. With Julianne’s recent release of her debut single “Validation Station” and her upcoming release of the music video, Julianne is on the path to changing glam-rock and pop music.